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Week 9: Space + Art

For the final unit of DESMA 9, Dr. Vesna dedicated her lecture to cover the intersection between space and art. While the last several units regarded the relationship between the field of medicine and art, which is minuscule in size, space provides yet another example of the connection between science and art.

The powers of ten blog and video put into perspective how small not only humans are but also Earth is in respect to the universe. As a result, human fascination with infinitely large universe and its unknown contents has led to numerous works of art. During the Russians' early attempts to survey the practicality of space travel for living creatures, they sent a dog, Laika, to monitor the effects space has. Soon after, there was a song dedicated to the dog and its travel into space. Not only were there songs influenced by space travel, but entertainment companies eventually took notice in society's interest in space that led to numerous works including Planet Stories, The…

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